madai jig

How to fish in Madaijig?

Fishing with the Madai Jig can bring you a lot of profit especially in the sea. But you can also use it to fish in deep rivers. You should know that this method is very easy to learn. Indeed, you will not wait long to fish alone or with your family, but also with friends.

What is MadaiJig fishing?

The madai jig is generally a sensational fishing technique that is based on light movements. Indeed, the slightest sudden movement can make the fish run away. It should be noted that the lures are easier for the fish to determine if they do not move too hard. It should be noted that this method can be similar to jigging. The MadaiJig is very popular for sea fishing and is used to catch a large part of the sparidae. We can mention for example the dentis as well as the paddlefish. But you can also catch big wrasse in the Atlantic as well as big bass.

Finding the right lures for good fishing

It is wiser to choose the right lures to use for madaijig. For example, the best option is to buy lures ranging from 40 to 150g. These can be used for both diagonal and vertical fishing. This can be done with a direct plumb if you wish. In any case, make sure that the lures have an oval lead head each. These can then imitate squid or octopus. You can even get lure skirts that look like cephalopod tentacles. The lures will then move with the current of the water.

The madaïjig also requires a good animation

The time of immersion must be taken into account to fish correctly with the madaijig. The lure can take a few seconds to reach the bottom of the water completely. In addition, you can get an accurate sense of the depth of the water if you are careful. Remember to raise the MadaiJig 30 cm as soon as it hits the bottom. You can wait a few moments to raise the rod again while following the water current. The objective is to keep the lure a certain centimetre above the bottom of the water. You will find it easier to attract fish by using this type of animation.

Ensure the quality of the fishing equipment

It is important to have good and reliable equipment for a MadaiJig fishing trip, and not only the quality of the rod and its components. In fact, you can also use a high-performance depth finder to facilitate the search for fish. You can then use the image definition on the screen to detect landforms. In this way, you will be informed about the quantity of fish in the fishing area. You will even have the opportunity to check if there are any predators in the area. Note that you can add a GPS system to your fishfinder to get more information.

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