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What is the best casting reel?

Casting reels can offer you very exciting fishing experiences. However, this depends on the model you use. Indeed, it is important to choose the right casting reel to use during a fishing session. For example, you can choose between the following reel models to fish properly.

Lixada 12 +1 Fishing Reel

Here is one casting reel this is a model you should not ignore if you are planning to fish for pike. This model is distinguished above all by its light weight of 192 g. This fishing tool with a 12 + 1 gear ratio is also left and right handed. You can take advantage of the ball bearing with one-way clutch for relaxed fishing. At the same time, this model has a good level of comfort thanks to its rocker lever. You will have no trouble catching big fish with the use of this accessory. It should be noted that this reel has a high resistance gear. Finally, you can enjoy the precision of the product throughout its use.

Abu Garcia Fishing Reel

This Abu Garcia reel model is above all robust and long-lasting. It can also offer you a high level of comfort thanks to its lightness. Note that the low weight of this product is mainly due to its very compact curved handle. This casting reel is easy to recognise thanks to its frame and the one-piece graphite side plates that make it up. This model also features 5 stainless steel ball bearings and an aluminium spool. It should be noted that this model has brass gears. Normally, you will be able to fish quietly for many hours without getting tired with this reel.

Mounchain 17 +1 Fishing Casting Reel

The choice of this model of reel will guarantee you above all an ergonomic and easy to use fishing accessory. You can take full advantage of its lightness and ease of adjustment. Before buying it, you should know that this model has a double braking system. More precisely, this casting reel combines a centrifugal braking system with a magnetic system. The latter is adjustable over 10 degrees. You will enjoy a better control on the casts with the use of this fishing reel. Don’t forget that this model has a high resistance to salt water. It also has an EVA button on the handle.

Shimano Citica Casting Reel

This model of Shimano reel is primarily equipped with an easy bait retrieval system. It also has a perfectly stable spool which makes it easier to handle even for a beginner. The product usually has 1 anti-reverse bearing and 5 armoured ball bearings. You should also know that this model has an S3D spool and an SVS Infinity braking system. You can be sure that this casting reel is very robust and will last a long time. It must be said that this product is suitable for many different fishing methods regardless of your level.

This list is obviously not exhaustive. I advise you to take a look at other brands and maybe choose a Daiwa reel, a Penn reel, a Hart reel, a Gunki reel…

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