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How do I open a can of fishing lead?

Many fishing techniques require the use of a piece of lead as ballast. The fishing sinker the commercially available lead is often found in a box.

A fishing sinker is a weight used with a lure or hook. Its function is to increase the sink rate, anchoring ability or casting distance. These weights can be as small as one gram for use in shallow water. They are even smaller when it comes to fly fishing or big game fishing. For deep sea fishing, a weight of two tens of grams may be necessary. There are a variety of shapes for fishing weights. Each size is suitable for a particular fishing method.

Materials for fishing weights

An ideal material for a fishing weight is environmentally friendly, cheap and dense. Density is desirable because weights should be as small as possible, to minimise visual cues that might draw fish away from a fishing operation.

Lead has become the material of choice for fishing weights. Lead models are easy to produce and have a low cost. Their density and resistance to corrosion make them a popular material with anglers. On the other hand, lead is known to pollute and cause lead poisoning if weights are lost. Other materials such as steel or gold have been tested, but the performance is far from satisfactory. They are also more expensive than conventional fishing lead. Manufacturers are now experimenting with high density composite resins. These materials offer a non-toxic and cheaper alternative.

Opening a can of fishing lead

It should be remembered that the fishing weights available on the market are mainly made of lead. Fishermen continue to favour the material because of its effectiveness. Nevertheless, the risk of lead pollution or poisoning is not to be taken lightly. The parts must therefore be perfectly preserved when not in use to avoid scattering in case of loss. For this reason, they must be stored in a locked box. The locking system is both reliable and easy to remove. New boxes are equipped with a safety pin. This guarantees that the product has never been used. Removing the safety pin should not require any DIY tools. Hand force alone is sufficient.

The fishing lead box is also a dispensing accessory. It can hold weights of different masses and sizes. The angler can then easily choose the weight as required. The storage box is generally round. It has a rotating lid with a small opening. Fishing balls of the same size are grouped together in one section. By turning the lid, the small opening can be placed over the desired section to catch a log. The angler benefits from an easy and convenient selection with this system.

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