Which rod for crankbait fishing?

Fishing is a very impressive activity. Over the years, professionals have decided to offer different techniques that vary according to the fish targeted. Among the most popular techniques is crankbait fishing. This is a lure that never ceases to seduce carnivorous anglers. If you have decided to go for crankbait fishing, you are advised to find the right rod for your swimfish.

What is a crankbait?

If you want to opt for this fishing technique, we recommend that you start by learning more about crankbaits. It is a lure that is very popular with anglers who fish for predators. It differs from other lures because of its rather round shape with a more or less long lip.

When buying a crankbait, you will have the chance to find 3 categories of crankbaits:

  • SR or ShallowRunner: this is a model that promises a length of 0 to 1.0 meter.
  • MD or Medium Runner: this model offers a length of between 1 and 2 metres.
  • DP or DeepRunner: this model is made to evolve at more than 2 meters.

In order not to make a mistake when choosing your lure, we advise you to take into account its lip. The length and the angle of inclination of the latter should be taken into account. But if you really want to enjoy your fishing trip, we advise you to start by choosing the right rod.

The perfect rod for your crankbait fishing

Crankbaiting is a technique that requires the right equipment. In order to be successful in your fights, we advise you to know how to choose your rod. The professionals offer soft rods. We even recommend that you choose a model made from glass and carbon fibre. By opting for a soft rod, you have the chance to reduce stalls during a fight.

You can also opt for rods with a weight of 1.5 grams up to more than 25 grams with Ultra-Light power. You can also opt for spinning or casting rods. These are also perfect for crankbait fishing. Some professionals say that spinning rods are better than casting rods. But no matter which model of rod you choose, the goal is to meet your taste and performance needs.

It is also recommended that you seek the help of a professional or your dealer when choosing your casting rods, spinning rods or crankbait fishing rods. You can also visit sites that specialise in different fishing techniques.

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