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What is the best surf casting rod?

There are several techniques that can be used for fishing, and surfcasting is one of them. If you want to try this branch of fishing, you need to have the right equipment. The surf casting rod to use in this case will depend on certain parameters.

A brief presentation of the surf casting rod

The term surfcasting is used to describe a type of fishing that takes place on the sea. In this case, the line will be cast a little far into the water, beyond the waves. While casting the line out to a distance of 20m is enough to find good fish, professionals can cast their line much further, up to 160m.

As you would expect, this type of fishing will require the use of a fairly specific surfcasting rod. The level of experience of the angler is one of the key details to consider when looking for the right model. For example, this type of fishing can be practiced occasionally or not.

Take-up or telescopic rod

An advanced angler will turn to a take-up rod as his surf casting rod. These can be two or three sections, and are the most popular for this practice. They make it possible to perform technical actions that would not be easy with other models.

These rods range from 3.8m to 5m and allow anglers to cast their rods as far as possible. Telescopic rods are mainly aimed at those who are new to fishing, or who simply want to try their hand at it occasionally.

Choosing a suitable action

There are three actions that are suitable for a surfcasting rod, starting with the parabolic action. This option has a certain amount of flexibility, and will be most suitable for what is known as heavy surfcasting, and makes it easier to catch big fish. The semi-parabolic action is the middle ground that is most often used in this discipline.

The whole thing remains elastic, without compromising too much on speed. The term “tip action” is used to describe a model that is able to help you cast over a longer distance. However, this action requires much more skill.

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