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What is the best Feeder reel?

Feeder fishing is a very attractive style of fishing, especially for those who want to catch nice fish. To practice this style of fishing well, it is essential to choose the right reel. If you know what details to look out for, you are sure to make a good purchase in this respect.

A model that is a good brand

For this type of product, it is essential to favour brands that are of good quality. Indeed, the specific needs for a feeder reel the specific needs of a small manufacturer will not be easily met. In particular, it will be necessary to meet several specific parameters for the models, which implies using advanced technologies.

Among the reel models that stand up well on the market, there are those produced by the Daiwa brand. This company has easily established its name thanks to the quality of its products. The Procaster EVO 3008 and the Ballistic 4000EX are sure to give you great satisfaction.

A reel with a suitable size

It is necessary to adapt the size of your feeder reel to practice feeder fishing. For this to happen, it is necessary to make sure that the size of the reel is proportional to the length of the rod. To be able to reach far distances, it is important to favour a long rod.

When this is the case, the size of your reel will increase accordingly. It is therefore not uncommon to find reel models that have a large size. The trick is to choose a model that suits your needs.

Favouring a good robustness

For this particular style of fishing, the feeder reel must also be robust. This is because you may have to fish for fish that are quite persistent. If the reel is not strong enough, it may break.

One material to avoid is poor quality plastic. This is recognisable by its low price, but it is possible to find plastic that is very strong. Secondly, if possible, materials such as carbon fibre should be used.

Some technical details to check

The ability of a feeder reel to deliver good performance will also depend on various details. These include the number of bearings, which affects the ability of the reel to run smoothly. There can be as many as 12, and not only does the number matter but also the quality.

The reel’s retrieve speed should also be considered, and it is advisable to choose a model with a speed of no less than 90cm per revolution. The drag should also be a consideration, and a drag with a power of 5kg is a good benchmark for what is suitable in this respect.

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