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What size of hook for carp?

For a carp angler worth his salt, there is no greater frustration than landing a fish all the time. The first element in direct contact with the carp, thecarp hammock is the key to successful fishing. Indeed, the hook is the most important component on the fishing line. It will be used to hook the carp and all you have to do is pull the fish out of the water. To avoid the misfortune of repeated unhooking, it is more than important to choose the right carp hook.

The point on the choice of a carp hook

Usually located at the end of the fishing rod, the hook is an essential element ensuring the smooth running of a fishing trip. In order to avoid any disappointments such as unhooking or lost hooks, it is essential to make the right choice. To make the right choice, several criteria must be taken into account.

One of these parameters is the type ofcarp hook. The main function of the hook is to attract the carp to the end of the fishing rod, so choosing the right type of hook avoids any risk of unhooking. Therefore, for a trouble-free choice, it is necessary to take into account the place where the carp is located (in a river or a water space). There is, therefore, a type of hook with a straight shank and an inward point. This is the most popular type of hook, probably because of its strong resistance when in contact with water. Going for this type of hook gives you the best chance of attracting carp to your bait. Not quite suitable for carp fishing, there is also the reverse hook and the long bent hook.

The eyelet is a detail that should not be overlooked when choosing a carp hook. In fact, it is the eyelet that determines whether the hook is well aligned with the bait. You can choose between inward, outward and straight eyes.

The type of tip is extremely important to ensure a perfect hooking. You can choose between inward, outward, straight or inverted points. The latter is the most reliable.

Finally, the size of the hook is the criterion not to be underestimated when carp fishing. Generally, this size is defined according to the size of the bait.

More details on the size of the carp hook

Since every detail counts when choosing a carp hook, it is highly recommended to have precise figures on thecarp hook size you choose. In fact, if you choose a hook of a size that is incompatible with the bait, the carp will have no difficulty in spitting it out and expelling it easily. This is why it is extremely important to use these figures as a guide. In principle, the hook size for baits up to 15mm varies from 6 to 8. For baits from 16mm to 18mm, feel free to select a hook size number 6 or 4. The hook size is 4 to 2 for a bait size of 20mm to 22mm. And above 24mm, the size is usually 1 to 2.

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