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How to fish for carp?

Carp are fish that attract the covetousness of fishing enthusiasts. For a beginner, it is enough to apply the right methods to practice carp fishing and catch several during a session. You can then take into account the following points to enjoy a good moment of fishing alone or accompanied.

Always position the rod outside your baiting

Carp are difficult fish to get onto baiting mats, especially when fishing lakes. Therefore, it is recommended to place the rod outside the baiting. This can be advantageous during a baiting session carp fishing. You will have the chance to catch a lot of fish easily by using this technique. You can then attach the rig to the side of the bait or about 15 metres away to attract the carp.

Favour rigid leaders

Rigid leaders are a good choice when carp fishing. First and foremost, it will prevent you from getting tangled up. But you can also easily expose the bait to the fish. Having an inoperative rig is never good news, especially when you are faced with a lot of carp activity. So don’t overlook the stiffness of each leader before fishing.

Consider using small baits

Smaller baits are more attractive to carp than larger ones. For example, you can use 16mm boilies instead of 25mm boilies. This is because the fish will spend more time eating the baits and will stay in a fishing area a little longer. Other methods can also be used as long as you use small baits to attract carp.

Preparing for a strong carp fishing season

Carp fishing can be hectic especially if you catch a big fish. So, it is recommended that you use equipment that is complete, but also strong enough to prevent your beautiful carp from escaping. You can buy a 60 to 70 hundredths line head and a number 2 hook. Add to this a 45lb leader to hold the fish even if it struggles.

Space your rigs well

Spacing your rigs allows you to fish several areas at the same time. You will find it easier to find the ideal spot to catch a big carp. Note that the area where you get a bite will be the only one disturbed by the carp you catch. It may be advisable to space the rigs 50 or 80 metres apart to catch more fish during each session.

Face into the wind

It is more beneficial to position yourself upwind to enjoy a carp fishing session. The wind can cause a stirring. The wind also brings oxygen into the water. These phenomena favour the activity of carp especially when the water waves break on the water’s edge. Sediment from the ground will be released to make room for fish food. You can then take the opportunity to throw bait.

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