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Which Daiwa reel for carp?

The choice of a reel is an essential element for fishing and should not be made at random. The Daiwa brand is one of the best reel manufacturers on the market. The manufacturer can perfectly offer you a wide choice of what you need. For example, you can choose between the following Daiwa reel models to fish for carp in peace.

The Daiwa Basia DRC

This is a reel not to be overlooked for making long distance casts. The model consists of a 45 mm long spool and an immaculate line pattern. This daiwa reel can perfectly offer you a great user experience. In addition, you can rely on the strength of its magnesium alloy body. This does not make it a heavy product that is difficult to handle. At the same time, the “Quick Drag” system guarantees a better drag passage.

Daiwa Crosscast custom 5000 CQD

This daiwa carp reel has a great versatility thanks to its ability to adapt to 10 and 13 inch rods. The model also has a perfectly robust internal mechanism and a reliable front drag. These points allow it to help you catch big fish with more ease. This model is also equipped with 3 ball bearings that make it easy to turn the crank to reel in fish. It can be said that this daiwa carp reel is very easy to use.

Daiwa Emblem 45SCW QD

This Emblem 45SCW QD reel features a Slow Cross Wrap system which reduces the speed of the oscillation. This will also ensure that the line is easy to cast when fishing. Thus, the equipment allows you to make very long casts without causing any problems. This reel is also easy to handle even for a beginner in carp fishing. Moreover, the QD function will make things easier for you when you cast the line.

The Daiwa Ninja

This Daiwa carp reel is known for its light weight of 300g. Moreover, you can choose the size that suits you. This model can be reliable even if you are not used to carp fishing. The Daiwa brand has done everything right to make it easy for you. For example, you can rely on the 4-ball bearing and the front drag of the reel. This model can effectively resist large fish that can be aggressive.

The Daiwa Tournament S 6000 T

The Tournament S 6000 T is an interesting choice for long distance carp fishing. This model is very robust and reliable. It is also equipped with a worm drive system which makes it more convenient for fishing enthusiasts. This guarantees a perfect line placement every time you fish. This daiwa carp reel can also accommodate up to 330m of 14 or 18lb line thanks to the spool size.

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