How to animate a jig?

Among the fishing accessories available to you, we can mention the jig. These lures have quickly become one of the most essential alternatives. In order to take advantage of them, it is necessary to master some gestures such as the animation of them. In addition, there is a specific way to proceed.

Using a jig for fishing

The jig is a solid lure that imitates the shape of a small fish. It is therefore a lure that is used to catch carnivorous fish. The latter will feed on fry, but also on small fish and other aquatic animals. With this lure you can use various techniques to attract the attention of this fish.

The casting jig technique consists of sending your line into the water with a jig attached to the end. It is a fairly dynamic tackle, and as such, the styles of fishing that are best suited to it are drag-casting.

The need to animate a jig

The beauty of a casting j ig is that it imitates the shape of small fish in great detail. This means that when these lures fall into the water, they will generate vibrations that are similar to those of the fish they imitate. To further enhance this effect, it is advisable to animate the jig.

The aim is to give it the illusion of movement, and to make it look as much like a small fish as possible. When this action is done properly, the attention of your fish can be easily held.


The animation of a casting jig must be done with a minimum of technique. If you just jerk your line randomly, it won’t look realistic. Instead, it is better to alternate them on more or less regular intervals of time.

As soon as you do this, it is possible for you to get the best out of the jig. These movements should be done while reeling in your line relatively slowly. If you don’t do this, the lure will seem to come back to the surface in an unnatural way.

Choosing which jig to use

It is important to decide which model of casting jig to use. The details you choose will vary depending on the fish you are planning to catch. The elements that will vary include size, weight, shape and colour.

For marine fish, it is advisable to use a jig that is able to capture attention quickly. This includes models with flashy colours. If you want to use this accessory for freshwater fishing, you should use lures that are as realistic as possible. Therefore, you should use discreet colours.

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