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Where to carnivorous fishing ?

If you want to go carnivorous fishing, you can do so freely at the moment. Indeed, it is even the high season for some types of freshwater predators. You have plenty of choice when it comes to fish. France’s fresh waters are teeming with carnivores.

Opt for lake fishing

If you want to increase your chances of catching predators, you can fish in lakes. Lakes are the best places to fish for all types of predators. You can expect to catch black bass, pike, catfish, pike-perch and perch. The lakes are full of these fish and you can find them in all sizes. However, before you fish, be aware of the quotas for each type of predator so that you do not expose yourself to penalties.

Lakes are often linked to dams. You should also be aware that these dams have the characteristic of being able to block the fish on the spot. This is why you are most likely to be effective in fishing for predators in these areas. There are several techniques you can use for lake fishing. The most formidable technique is to fish from a small boat. You are better able to get to the strategic locations.

Opt for rivers to hunt large predators

Carnivores also live in rivers. On small, quiet rivers, you can meet some nice, large specimens. The rivers in the west of France, such as in the Vendée, are very suitable for predator fishing. In some regions, there are so many rivers that you will not know where to look. But be aware that you don’t have to fish just any river to catch predators.

If you go hunting for predators on rivers, you should choose rivers that do not have too many currents. Indeed, you are more likely to make hits on quiet rivers. Carnivorous fish such as pike-perch, pike and black-bass are present in these waters. You can choose to fish from a boat, at the water’s edge or in the water if the depth allows.

Opting for river fishing

Rivers are wider than streams. This can give you a better chance of encountering big fish. However, it also means that you have to scan a larger area of water. That said, nothing is impossible when you have the right tools and experience.

Float-boat fishing is the most recommended way to fish for predators on rivers. It allows you to move around quietly throughout your fishing day. But above all, you can go to the areas with the most fish in the river. This way you are more sure of making hits and catching fish.

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