What is the best fish finder?

There are several alternatives on the market to make fishing easier for you. One of these is the echo sounder, which has quickly made a name for itself in this field. Models with GPS are among the most advantageous to use for fishing.

Using a fishfinder for fishing

The principle of a fishfinder is to send echoes into the water to create an image of the environment. The principle of sonar is used, in which a wave is emitted and bounces off any obstacle it encounters. This is interesting in that you are able to create an image of what is happening underwater.

The advantage of this is that you can see directly in pictures which fish are under the surface. The area covered will depend on things like the angle of coverage of your transducer, as well as its power. Then there are many other options to choose from.

The specificity of the GPS sounder

In the case of a fishfinder, there is the possibility of using a GPS on it. This feature will add a whole new dimension to your fishing style. In the first instance, the echo sounder will detect the fish.

In a second step, the action of the GPS will be to give the precise location of these. You can then approach your boat to the most favourable location. Without the GPS function, it will be mainly a question of deducing the distances between you and the fish. This makes your job much easier.

Criteria for choosing an echo sounder

When deciding on afishfinder echo sounder, it is essential that you look at various technical details. The frequency is one of them, and it must be in accordance with your needs. Sea fishing requires a wave frequency of 50kHz, while freshwater fishing requires it to range from 83kHz to 200kHz.

Then there is the style of screen you wish to have, and this will affect the nature of the image you will see. It is possible to get a 2D model, or two types of 3D screen, either sideways or vertically.

Choosing the best GPS echo sounder

There are a lot of great models on the market for a fishfinder echo sounder, and you need to be careful when choosing. Models like the Garmin Striker plus 5CV are among the best choices you can make.

This particular model has some great features, including a range of 335m in the sea, and almost 700m in fresh water. Other practical initiatives include the automatic adjustment of the screen brightness depending on the sun. This means you can use the device without having to worry about glare from the sun.

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