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What size soft lure for trout?

It is important to decide on the size of a soft lure to use when fishing for fish. Trout are among the species that will require specific details in this regard. If you want to know how to choose the right size for lures, you need to know a few things.

What affects the size of trout?

Depending on various conditions, trout will be larger or smaller in size, which is evaluated when choosing a soft trout lure. One of the things that affects this is whether it is high season or not. These fish are going to be bigger in the early and mid season, and the size of the fish you see will tend to decrease as the season closes.

Also, the areas of water where you fish will affect this parameter. Fish that have more room to grow will generally be larger. This is a parameter to be taken into account.

Choosing the right size

There are different sizes of soft trout lures to choose from. Ideally, the size you choose should be in line with the size of the fish. The first thing to do is to know the size of the fish you want to catch.

To find out this information, you can find out about the water where you plan to fish. Such data can easily be found on the internet, or by approaching the municipality where the water is located.

What changes in the lure according to size

It is crucial to choose a soft trout lure that matches the size of the fish you are interested in. If you decide to buy a lure that is too small, it will not be interesting for the fish to feed on it.

A lure that is too large will have the opposite effect, i.e. it will scare the fish away, as they may feel that the lure may even be a danger to them. It is therefore not a decision to be taken at random, and on the contrary it must be well thought out.

Other important lure details

Size is not the only thing you need to consider when choosing a soft lure for trout. Other parameters are also important, such as the shape of the lure and its colour. These details should not be left to chance.

Depending on the conditions in which you will be fishing for fish, it may be best to go for a specific style of lure. You should base this on things like the aggression level of the fish, but also their propensity to feed. Sometimes fish can become wary, and will choose carefully what they decide to eat.

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