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When is it the best time for carp fishing?

Do you want to fish for carp during your holidays? You should know that there is a time for everything in order to catch a good number of fish during the day. The best thing to do is to find out the ideal times to fish according to the season.

Fishing in spring

Spring is a perfect time for carp fishing. You can enjoy the mid-afternoon in March and April. In addition, it can be done in the early morning between May and June. But you can also enjoy the late afternoon if you wish. The increase in water temperature can be favourable for carp fishing. It is quite possible to do shore fishing to catch the fish that frequent the shallower bays. You can also fish in lagoons to catch good carp. Note that the big carp are the first to swim into the shallower water in early spring.

Fishing in summer

The heat from the water can in principle be used to make carp fishing in summer. However, you can take advantage of the night to catch many fish. It should be noted that carp like to go out at night, especially in the summer temperature. It is during these hours that they look for food. You can wait until the early evening to start fishing. On the other hand, it is also possible to have a good time fishing for carp at the beginning of the day. Be aware that carp come up close to the surface during midday. Note that carp like it warm. In any case, you only need good bait to catch fish.

Fishing in autumn

Do you want to fish for carp in the autumn? The best time is between September and the end of October in the early morning or late afternoon. Otherwise, carp fishing is still possible at midday as winter approaches. It should be noted that carp love the cool of the night and morning. Carp tend to go to deep water in late autumn to prepare for winter. However, they always come up a little higher at midday to enjoy the warmth. You can then take the opportunity to fish. In addition, they go down to the bottom when the temperature starts to drop.

Fishing in winter

You can still have a good time fishing for carp in winter as long as you wait until midday. This is when the water temperature rises and the fish take advantage of this to move a little higher in the water. However, it is also possible to use a rod and line long enough to reach the deeper waters. It is always to be expected that carp will not show much activity during the winter. You should therefore be very patient when fishing. In any case, you have to choose the right place to fish like the deep holes at the mouth of the rivers. You can also go to the shallower bays when the sun heats up the most in winter.

During the rest periods, take the opportunity to maintain your equipment. I remember one angler who couldn’t understand why his Okuma reel wasn’t performing as well as it had in previous months…

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