canne au coup

What is the best rod for striking?

Blow fishing is the best fishing technique for catching white fish such as carp. It consists in making the fish come to a well determined place called “coup”. But to fill the basket, it is necessary to use an adapted carprod.

Telescopic and take-up rods: which one to choose?

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned angler, the choice of a rod is a must. There are two types of rods to choose from. For beginners, a telescopic fishing rod should be used. It consists of several rods that spread out by telescoping. It has the advantage of being practical, as it not only takes up less space, but also leaves a line permanently attached. It is perfect for fishing up to 6m. However, it is quite difficult to control in strong winds.

But if you plan to fish beyond 10m from the shore, the carp pole with a take-up is still ideal. It can reach up to 18.5m and is adjustable in length. In other words, you can adjust your spinning rod, as it is also called, to suit the fishing conditions. However, as it is difficult to handle, it is only suitable for experienced anglers.

What material should I use for my rod?

Whether you choose a telescopic rod or a spinning rod, it is necessary to consider the material of your fishing equipment. Its practicality and aesthetics are at stake. Glass and carbon are still the most common fibres used to make a carp rod. The glass model is less expensive to buy. It is therefore suitable for small budgets.

In addition, it has the reputation of being resistant, contrary to what one might think of glass. However, the glass rod is far from being practical, which does not make it the best rod. Because of its heavy weight, it offers less feeling. The best rod for this type of fishing is the carbon model. It is ultra-light and easy to hold in the hand. It is also suitable for fishing for small and medium-sized fish.

Other criteria to take into account when looking for the best rod

There is no one best rod for all purposes. The choice varies according to its use. One of the selection criteria is the length of the rod. In general, this ranges from 3 to 18.5 metres. The best carp rod for this purpose is the 5 to 7 metre model. The rod is easy to handle and is also versatile, as it is suitable for both beginners and amateurs.

For children who want to learn this fishing technique, it is best to use a 3 to 4 metre rod. With this length, youngsters will feel more comfortable during fishing trips. Next is the ergonomics of the rod. For optimal fishing comfort, consider a rod with an anti-slip coating.

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