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Which fishing tackle to choose?

The most important thing for any self-respecting angler is to have a complete and suitable tackle set. To enjoy a successful and enjoyable fishing trip, it’s all about the quality of the equipment and accessories used. To find out more about the essentials, discover the complete list of fishing equipment in this article.

Rods and fishing, the inseparable!

The fishing rod is a master tool for fishing and is characterised by a rigid body with a flexible tip. Depending on the needs and practice of each person, a fishing rod comes in a variety of lengths. Faced with the multitude of varieties of materials in which it has been designed (bamboo, carbon, reed) making a choice can be complicated. Nevertheless, to be correctly equipped, the chosen model must guarantee a great casting power as well as an optimal resistance to the effort during the work of the fish. In addition to this solidity, practicality must also be part of the equation. For this, three elements are necessary: the line guide, the handles and the reel seat.

No fishing without a good line

The line, which is also the main line, is the one and only link with the fish. As it is almost in direct contact with the fish to be caught, the fishing line must be perfect. The key to a good choice of line is the strength and diameter of the line, which can be made of monofilament or a single strand like nylon. A fishing line can be made of monofilament or a single strand, such as nylon, or it can be made of multifilament, i.e. several strands, braided or fused together. A leaded or silk line is also available.

In terms of diameter, fine line around 0.28mm is ideal for freshwater fishing. However, when fishing for heavy fish, the diameter is 0.35mm.

The reel and the landing net, complements not to be underestimated

The fishing reel is the device that is attached to the fishing rod. It is the device that allows the fishing line to be wound and unwound. In order to ensure a comfortable practice, the reel must be robust and ergonomic. The perfect reel must fit the angler’s hand perfectly and be easy to handle. The choice of reel is generally made according to the type of fishing practiced. There are, therefore, reels with front drag, back drag, spinning, casting and disengageable.

The landing net is an essential part of fishing and contributes greatly to catching fish in the water. A handle, an arm and a net, that’s what generally constitutes this carnivorous fishing equipment.

The hook for a successful fishing trip

The hook is a pointed hook that is attached to the end of the line and which must be filled with bait. The hook is a very popular fishing material for predators . As with the rod and line, it is impossible to do without a hook. Hooks are generally classified according to the number of points and differ according to the method of attachment to the line.

Other accessories to complete the collection

Finally, to be perfectly equipped, don’t forget to add long-nose pliers to your list of tackle . These accessories allow you to unhook the hook from the fish. And of course, to keep your tackle box well stocked, think of the worms or leeches that are used as bait and the bucket to keep your fish cool.

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