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Which hook to choose for carp fishing?

The hook is more than just a detail on your line. It is an item that should be chosen with the utmost care. It is the accessory that allows you to hook the fish and bring it up to your basket. It is important that it is discreet, robust and the right size. If you are fishing for carp, there are a number of criteria for hooks to use.

A multitude of choices that are difficult to navigate

It is not really easy to find your way around all the choices ofcarp hooks . Even the most experienced carp angler can get lost in the profusion of models. But on closer inspection, you will be able to choose the hook that will make you most effective. The first step is to choose the most suitable hook shape for carp.

Carp hooks are available in several shapes. Amongst others, there are hooks with a long or short shank. The point of the hooks can also be straight, inward or outward. Note also that there are different sizes of hooks to choose from.

The only hooks you should use for carp

Although it is particularly difficult to find your way around all the hooks on offer, note that for carp hooks only a few models are recommended. So, to make sure you get a hit and don’t get a stall, you should go for a straight shank hook with an inward point. This is the most classic of the classics. In addition to being strong, this hook holds well.

If you are looking for a hook that is versatile, but also suitable for carp, choose the reverse hook. You will recognise this type of hook by its slightly off-centre design. It is a hook that can be used for many types of fish. It is particularly effective for carp as well. Finally, for carp, you have the hooks with long curved shank.

The importance of the hook eye

It is important to remember that the hook must be suitable for the bait you are going to use. While the choice of size can be made very easily following a very basic logic, this is not necessarily the case for the hook eye. Indeed, the eyelets must be chosen according to the bait, but also according to the type of line itself. So, depending on the desired alignment between the hook and the bait, you can choose between three types of eyes.

If you want to limit the angle, you should opt for the outgoing eyelet. If you want to limit the angle of the hook, you should choose the inward eyelet, but with the inward eyelet you can create a large angle to the leader. This aggressive rig is suitable for carp fishing. The straight eyelet is the one that allows you to have a perfect alignment of the line, the hook and the bait. In summary, there are three key elements to consider when choosing carp hooks: size, eye and shank shape.

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