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Which fishing rod should you choose to start with?

You can choose a children’s fishing rod to introduce the youngest to the activity. Models suitable for beginners make it easier to learn and master the techniques.

Fishing is an outdoor activity with many moments of pure happiness. It can also be a time of total despair, with countless hours of chatting in between. The activity can be done with the family, including children. But even for the youngest, fishing is all about equipment. An ideal children’s fishing rod helps to reduce clutter and unnecessary accessories.

The importance of a child’s fishing rod

When choosing a children’s fishing rod, pay attention to the length. The tool should be just long enough for the little one to handle easily, about 120 cm long. Because children can lack delicacy, choose rods made of graphite, fibreglass or composite mixes. This way, you won’t have to replace them every month.

For toddlers, consider a tangle-free rod with a line that runs along the inside of the handle rather than along the outside via stubborn metal eyelets. For four to six year olds, consider a spincast design with a closed face and push button. You’ll be able to teach your little one a modified, yet effective casting technique. Above all, make fishing a fun and playful experience for your child.

Choosing the right fishing rod

When it comes to compatibility with beginner fishing rods, there are two preferred styles of reels. One is open face (spinning reels) and the other is closed (spincast reels). Baitcast reels are also fantastic fishing options and could be the reel of choice for your adult fishing setup. However, they are probably not the best option for beginners due to their more advanced components and the skill level required.

Spincast reels are attached to spinning rods and have a push-button mechanism that activates the release of the reel line. This can make the casting process easy and straightforward with few complications. As a result, many novice anglers often start with this closed style. This fishing option is very user-friendly and an excellent choice for children under 6 years of age or children who cannot practice their casting regularly. You can easily find spincast reels individually or in rod and reel combos designed specifically for children. Some rod and reel combos even come with designs featuring popular cartoons and characters, so your little angler can add personality and style to their fishing setup.

As your child progresses in their expertise and learns to cast with greater ease, you can then move them on to using a more advanced kids fishing rod.

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