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Which fish to catch when surfcasting?

Surfcasting, literally known as wave fishing, is gaining more and more ground these days. As its meaning implies, this surfcasting fishing as its meaning implies, surfcasting is practised from the water’s edge, on all coastlines. Surfcasting is done at dusk and early evening. The surfcasting technique allows the capture of a wide variety of fish. If you want to know which ones, read this article carefully!

Fishing for turbot with surfcasting

Turbot is one of the fish caught using the surfcasting technique. Found mainly in coastal waters, the turbot belongs to the large family of flatfish species. Turbot can grow up to one metre in size and weigh up to twenty kilos. The legal size of the fish caught must be 30 cm. To ensure responsible fishing, all undersized species must be released back into the water. In addition to surfcasting, turbot can be caught with soft lures.

Catfish, a beautiful fish caught by surfcasting

Belonging to the flatfish species, the brill is a beautiful fish that is very popular for surfcasting . Found in the North Sea and the Mediterranean, this type of fish is especially abundant during the autumn and winter seasons. Catfish are usually caught at dawn and dusk, which is why surfcasting is so suitable for this type of fish. The minimum catch size for brill is 30 cm. For a proper catch, the line should be cast and the bait left on the bottom.

The surfcasting technique for fishing for flounder

Found in the depths of cold and temperate seas, the dab also belongs to the large family of magnificent flatfish. It is usually caught by boat. The most suitable technique for catching them is surfcasting . The minimum size of the flounder is 25 cm and the months of October to March are the most favourable for catching them.

Fishing for corb in surfcasting

Distinguished by its beautiful copper colour, the corb is also a rare fish caught using the surfcasting technique. Unfortunately, this beautiful fish is endangered, which is why the minimum size limit for its capture is 35 cm.

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