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What bait to put in a fishing net?

There are various techniques for catching fish, including creel fishing. However, to be effective, it is essential to use good fishing bait. There are several possibilities depending on the fishing area and the type of fish you want to catch. So, what bait should you put in a fishing net ?

Bread, a simple but effective solution

You have trouble finding bait for your fishing trap or simply because you are a novice and know nothing about this field. Bread is enough to bait the fish in this trap. However, it is important to specify that if the piece of bread is very effective, it is extremely fragile as bait. In a creel, therefore, a large piece of bread should be used to prevent the water from softening it and causing it to melt at the bottom. In fact, bread is mostly used in angling, but it can work very well with this type of fishing.

Choosing a bait according to the fish you want

Just as with choosing a lure according to the type of fish, it is also practical to choose a lure according to the fish you want to catch. It is therefore wiser to find out about the prey before thinking about the baits it is most keen on. For example, warm water fish feed on the surface during the warm season. In this case, insects will be the best bait. And if you want to fish for predators, then meat or small fish that can be left in the creel should be used.

Use bait from a specialist shop

Whether it’s a physical or online fishing shop, you’ll find everything you need for fishing. You will find the most suitable baits for the fishing technique you want to use, including the use of a fishing net. You can also ask the seller for advice on the best bait to fish in a particular area and for a particular fish. Once you have found the best bait, the rest will follow.

A fishing net without bait is possible!

In fact, the fishing trap is distinguished by the fact that you have to make little or no effort. All you have to do is set the trap in the right place, leave it for a few hours and come back to collect the fish. Yes, it is possible not to use a bait. How do you do it? You simply place the trap on the mouth of a pipe or channel that you have built on that part of the river. The fish that follow the stream will fall into the trap whether or not there is bait in it.

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